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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

~My Kind Friends~

Salam =)

Sometimes, we can take an advantage/s to our friends right? I mean, not the bad one. For further explanation, they are willing to help you out whatever circumstances it is. Get it? =D

And here, how I take an advantages to my friends =P

Whoever had waiting in a longggg queue just to change your money for duit raya will think “it’s a pleasure to have a friend who can change it for me” right? Yes, that is how my friend helps me. She excitedly asks me whether I want her to change money for me. Without thinks twice I nodded my head happily =P. And she successfully done it because she works at bank and change money is small matter to her. Good job Yatt.

Another story, it’s sad because seems like I’ve been ignored from other muslim colleagues because I’m sitting in Chinese group area. So, any kuih raya pre order, hot gossips [LOL] or even worse, when it’s time to raya packets distributes, I’m the person who missed it =( But thanks to my friend who work at treasury sub department. She gave me more than enough raya packets (I think I can use it for raya next year hee). And I can’t wait to get more from her since there is another raya packets from banks which is not distributes yet [greedy me].

Again, thanks to Yatt who change my money so that I can distribute it to my little relatives and Mun who gave me lots of nice raya packets. Thanks friends a.k.a housemates =D

I want to take this opportunity to wish all my blog readers,  Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. May your raya for this year is fabulous ever =) Take care and watch what you eats hehehehe.

*Cant wait to back to my hometown tomorrow =) *


  1. selamathari raya ek cik farhana..=)..

    nnt jemput ke rumah..hati2 blk ni yaa

  2. nak duit.. tak nak singgit tu.. hahhaha

  3. Semua nak duit raya....
    Tapi tak menepati kriteria hehehe
    Harap maaf =P

  4. la napa pulak akk ckp cmtu?
    apa yg tal menepati kriteria?
    saya student lgi per.


~Ekspresi Anda~