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Saturday, April 16, 2011

~New Day, New Age~


Woke up early in the morning even though today is Saturday. Blame my phone because keep on received the messages from peoples who remember my day! *Actually im in happy mode*

Bye-bye 23, and welcome 24! Im really pray for the great, awesome and full of fun year. So many wishes to write down (better keep in myself, I think), as i didnt want to make this post long.

Thank you for all your kind wishes. May Allah bless us!

*Hopefully this happy mode will stay longer*


  1. Adah wish to fana :
    Hepi besday fana..
    Hepi2 sokmo ye fana..
    Sayang fana sngt2.. Mmuuahh.. Hehe..
    Tq being my fren ye fana.. :-D

  2. 24 is something!! Haha.. Welcome to 24 dear.. Ngeee.. Moga kita lebih maju ke hadapan dalam hidup.. Happy selalu tu yang paling penting.. :)

  3. moga panhang umur di murahkan rezki...rasanyaa baru je wish birtday thn lepas..kejap j masa berlalukan..

  4. @all:
    Thanks a lot for your wishes=) You all made my day =D


~Ekspresi Anda~