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Sunday, April 17, 2011

~Dont Look back!~


Alhamdulillah, my eyes open wide now! I will start my new age with new resolution. Past is past. Will pray harder for my own good sake in the future. 

Its so tiring when your heart still want to wait even though there is clear hint for you. But, now its not a hint, I strongly believe that. So, its time for me not to keep on waiting and start a new story of my life.

I will not cry or regret over the past, because it's gone. I will not stress about the future (trying hard not to), because it hasn't arrived. And I will live in the present and make it beautiful. =)

*New age, new story...insyaAllah*


  1. apa yang dah berlalu biar jadi kenangan..yang akan datang perlu di rancang sebaik2 mungkin..

  2. Bagi saya sedikit semangat lepas membaca ni.. Thanx cik fana.. :)

  3. mcm tau jer maksudnyer..hehehe..dillanuriman...

  4. hopefully u will get a better life . i will support u on whenever u r coz u r my only sis that i ever had . nothing change that ! . happy birthday . sorry coz i always bOther u . hehe . dah namanya adik beradik kan . ngeee <3


~Ekspresi Anda~