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Saturday, October 12, 2013

~My Update~


Ops, October sudah. Entry blog masih satu bulan satu entry. Dang! Siap ada yang whatsapp tanya bila nak update entry baru. Sweet kannnn? :)

I can say that 2013 is a very challenging year for me. So many things come at one time and need me to give the best answer as soon as possible. Who I turn to? 

My parents, close friends and most important, to Allah s.w.t.

I really hope that whatever decisions that  I made is the best one. I do believe that when you want something, you have to let something else go. You cant have all in one time. In economic term, we call it opportunity cost. Dont be greedy and like "want this, want that, want that too". Its not good man. Nanti jadi yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran.

Another 2 and half months to go before 2014. Chase your dream and stretch your potentials to the maximum. When you believe you can do it, YES, YOU CAN DO IT! :)


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