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Friday, February 11, 2011

~Thank God...Tomorrow Is Weekend~


This week is full of stress, frustrated, pain and all. But I try to motivated myself, try to think positive so that I can face the day without moody and effect my job performance. I love my job (of course) and because of that, I try to find time to read this.....

I read this book at bus stand, and also in the bus. Wohoo, proud of myself, haha. But actually, this book i bought last year! *down*

Ahem...Its so true, you have to motivate yourself. You know yourself better than others. So, please find something that can gain your motivation when you feels down. Dont ever let negative aura surrounds you. Not good..not good. 

And yeahhh..after facing a lot of drama this week, finally I can rest myself tomorrow. I love weekend. Please stay long............

*I miss my old me*


  1. me too!
    i love wikend!
    and i miss my leisure time:D

  2. @ahsfantasy24:
    Jom start baca..
    Best wooooh! =)

    Absolutely...we love it so much!


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