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Saturday, December 18, 2010

~Quick Update~


Currently with my beloved family, enjoying our holiday. Alhamdulillah, He knows my dream to have a vacation after big stress at office and at the same time spend my joyful time with family. So, when at one fine day my mum called me and ask me whether im interested to join them for holiday at Malacca, I totally agree without think twice! =)

So, here I am, at Malacca.

Pic from Google

Super duper awesome town eventhough this is my 2nd visit for this year. And I still think that Malacca is one of the best place to visit =)

I will update more later since this is quick update, right? =)

Have awesome weekend readers! ♥

*I love to be Malaysian hehe*


  1. Wahhhh.. Jom singgah rumah saye.. Walaupun saye tak ada kat umah.. Hehe..

  2. Best tau pegi vacation especially with family. :)

  3. waa...minggu depan sy g bercuti lagi n lagi..yeeaahh

  4. sy dh xde dlm senarai pembaca setia kamo ke???uhuk..cik farhana sihat??


~Ekspresi Anda~